12 YELLOW Styles for the Early in Autumn

In this earlier autumn, I want to recommend a color to you and I think this is very special if you are wearing this kind of color I the fashion street. If you think you need to add a fresh in this earlier autumn, then you cannot miss these YELLOW single products!

Not only can the pure colors match the high fashion, fresh color is the really high fashion in this earlier autumn. You just quick and learn how to match well with all the bright colors, you can be the smart one who is in YELLOW!

Yellow 1:
High collar long sleeves shirt + white straight dress + white handbag+ black sandals

Yellow 2:
Trumpet sleeve sweater + white shorts + black belt + green handbag

Yellow 3:
Ginger yellow stitching long-sleeved shirt + jeans + light brown shoulder bag

Yellow 4:
Ginger yellow jacket + white shirt + black pencil pants + casual shoes

Yellow 5:
Ginger yellow shirt + black pants + black tassel boots

Yellow 6:
Ginger long vest + white short-sleeved T-shirt + black shorts + white chain bag + black casual shoes

Yellow 7:
Black leather womens jacket + ride + black belt + ginger + black pencil pants packet + black boots over black perspective Martin

Yellow 8:
Thin knit shirt + black skirt + ginger + red lake blue packet ballet shoes

Yellow 9:
White spots on black long-sleeved shirt + ginger perspective high waist wide leg pants + ginger + black high-heeled shoes handbag

Yellow 10:
Ginger loose long-sleeved dress + ginger printing handbag

Yellow 11:
Ginger leave two pale yellow leopard dress + heels + phosphor handbags

Yellow 12:
Ginger print strapless long sleeve mini dress + white handbag + white frame sunglasses

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