14 Ways to Wear Waistcoat for Classy Look

Men Waistcoats Styling Ideas. As with men’s white shirts, formal style is not necessarily the case for waistcoats either. Be sure to check out our post on Ways For Men to Rock a White Shirt. Waistcoats can act as another layer in your outfit, or another colour or even by adding a touch of pattern to your look. Waistcoats can be easily accessorised which give them more personality. Add a pocket watch for a touch of sophistication or a handkerchief for a splash of contrasting colour and depth. Waistcoats are such a versatile item of clothing that it is easy to incorporate them into your chosen style, whether it be casual, formal, wedding gear, swag, steampunk, goth or even victoriana. It is also important to note that waistcoats do not just appear once in the year, they are about during every season whether as a feature piece or part of a two or three piece suit. Use them to their full potential.

This post contains 14 great ideas on different ways guys can use a waistcoat to jazz up their look. Why not use them to create your own look incorporating a waistcoat?

#14- Smart Casual Way. Woollen waistcoats add a touch of sophistication to any casual attire. Match this with shirt and tie for formal and jeans for a balanced look. Finish with oxford shoes and scarf accessory.

#13- Casual. This look is perfect for students. Fitted waistcoat over rolled up buttoned shirt. Two tone jeans and shoes match perfectly and belt and satchel make for great accessories.

#12- Waist coat with Hood – Stunning woollen hooded waistcoat. Perfect for city styles, swag looks or even just winter attire.

#11- Street Style –Great use of blue. Different shades in jeans, shirt and waistcoat compliment each other beautifully. Finish with a large bag and contrasting footwear.

#10- Festival Rugged Style. Casual style too, this look uses layers denim shirt, plaid waistcoat and denim jacket with matching patches. Brown beanie hat and beige trousers to match. Great use of contrasting browns and blues.

#9- Smart Look. Almost emo style with pinstripe waistcoat, jeans, slate grey shirt and a cute, contrasting bowtie to finish. Messy hair look is acceptable.


#8- Nautical, Preppy Look. The preps can use waistcoats too if done right. White, beige and navy blue are ideal colours for this combination. Finish this look with a simple trilby and nice boat shoes.


#7- City Style. Skinny jeans with patterned shirt, black waistcoat and black satin jacket. Complete this look with ruby oxford shoes and contrasting sunglasses.

#6- Royal Ascot. Ascot is a huge event which sees the mass influx of very formal attire. The waistcoat is seen throughout this event. The gold waistcoat stands out in this outfit making it look amazing.

#5- Wedding Two Piece. Ideal suit for a wedding. Matching waistcoat and trousers with black suit jacket and crisp white shirt. I would lose the festival bands though as this is a formal look.

#4- Wedding Style. Wedding style using blue shades. Contrasting brown oxford shoes make this outfit look stunning.

#3- Summer Travel Style. Blue waistcoat over a blue shirt with pale brown jeans and casual trainers. finish this look with shades, a pocket watch, hankerchief and bag.


#2- Smart Casual. Great look incorporating black waistcoat, blue shirt, silver tie and dark blue jeans. Finish this look with brown loafers and a hankerchief.

#1- Suave Biker Look. Black leather biker style jacket overa white waistcoat looks amazing. The blue striped shirt adds pattern and along with the jeans adds colour to this look. Finish with rounded sunglasses.

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